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Uni-Roll 750 Open Web Beam Roller

The Uni-Roll 750 Open Web Beam Roller Machine is the fastest method of manufacturing open web beams in a single workstation.

Key Features

  • Very fast and efficient cycle times with webs and plates quickly embedded along the beam length.
  • Rolling of plates and webs produces consistent and precise high quality beams.
  • Powerful mechanical clamping ensures beams are manufactured to exact dimensions and no pre-assembly of frames is required.
  • Clear Open working surface with clamping mechanism under the table.
  • Can also be used for Parallel Chord Roof Trusses.
  • Beams can be pressed in pairs to increase productivity even further.
  • Different width tables available for wider beams or pairing together beams.
  • “One Touch” remote controlled dual direction head for fast production times.
  • Safety photo electric cell sensors to protect operators.
  • Automatic stop into parking areas at both ends of table.

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