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AV Birch Limited is the complete solution for all your Timber Engineering, General Engineering, Lifting & Handling and Access needs. We have built an enviable reputation for quality workmanship, superior service and competitive lead times.

From design to delivery -  why divide your business up when we can do it all?

Our solutions cover three core sectors

AV Birch is the complete solution when it comes to a wide variety of sectors - but we are not watered down because of this. Each department is a business within its own right and has the country’s foremost engineers leading it. 

This extensive offering benefits from the experience we draw from in all departments – it makes our service richer, elevates our proposition and ultimately means that we are more than just the sum of our parts.

The worldwide name with a home-grown philosophy  

Spending over forty years building a global name in the industry, AV Birch has managed to shape a reputation that has a worldwide reach but is very much based on a local ethos.

Every customer matters, whether you are down the road or on the other side of the world: we exceed all expectations so you never go anywhere else!

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Our clients say

I like the design and flexibility of the Magna-Loc Pedestal system and I am extremely impressed at the time we are now saving on truss setups.

Donaldson Timber Engineering


Our clients say

AV Birch’s manipulator has been welcomed by our workshop team because it’s made their jobs a lot easier. The bogie held in the frame can be worked on, on one side, then quickly and safely rotated by one operative to allow work to continue on the other. It’s an impressive piece of kit.

Irish Rail

Irish Rail

Our clients say

Being near to the AV Birch base is a real bonus. It’s good to talk face-to-face, especially when you’re developing new machinery solutions together. Being able to see equipment evolving, make some changes, and discuss options together is perfect. It was also refreshing to work with Scott’s team who were flexible and receptive to our input throughout the design and build process.

ETS Trusses and Joists

ETS Trusses and Joists

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