Auto Press

Our cutting-edge Automated Roof Truss solution is engineered to streamline your construction workflow and transform the way you build.

Key Stats

Press & Stack a truss in
Trusses a week
Setup: Ready to go in

Key Features

Main Points

  • Fully automated press and stacking line for manufacturing roof trusses.
  • Capability to press and stack a ‘standard’ roof truss in less than 120 seconds.
  • Reduce setup time with full auto jigging and overhead laser system allowing a complete setup in approx. 60 seconds.
  • Machine can output 750+ trusses a week.
  • Half labour costs compared to any like for like manual machine.
  • Machine has full auto, teach and go and manual modes giving it the ability to press any job with or without truss design files.


  • Two automated press heads to maximise production time.
  • 47 Tonne pressing capacity per cylinder
  • Extra large press platens to cover the largest nail plates.
  • Full 360 degree safety scanning system.
  • Integrated cctv system to maximise visibility of pressing area to the operator.
  • Three axis servo and hydraulic motion for precision machine control. 


  • Capability to manufacture up to 5m high truss with no limit on truss length.
  • Six servo driven automated pucks per table.
  • Two automated ejectors per table with powered transfer rollers and full cover plates to maximise pressing area.
  • Truss can be ejected in any direction to suit production requirements.
  • Multiple threaded holes on top bed to allow extra internal manual jigging as required.
  • Full safety scanning round whole machine during use.


  • State of the art windows based software with the capability to read a wide range of truss design files to fully control auto jigging and press sequence through a 32 inch touchscreen.
  • Drag and drop setup for truss positioning on the press bed allowing setup to be completed in minutes.
  • Ability to load multiple design files maximising number of trusses that can be manufactured.
  • Dedicated 24/7 software support. 


  • Fully automated stacking system
  • Stacks directly onto truss trolley.
  • Can stack virtually any truss or girder design.
  • Fully enclosed personnel free stacking zone.
  • Automated end stop to centralise truss on the trolley.
  • Can stack range of truss designs including attics, raised ties, monos and finks.
  • Can stack up to 27 trusses on the trolley depending on truss size and timber thickness.

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