Laser Setup System

AV Birch Limited Timber Engineering has teamed up with SL Laser Gmbh to provide the most innovative and reliable solution to timber roof truss assembly on the market today.

Key Features

  • The systems utilises truss engineering files to generate a full scale laser image of the truss profile on to the table work surface. 
  • The image can then be positioned anywhere on the table for efficient use of space, allowing operators to accurately set jigs to the projected.
  • The SL Laser is accurate to 0.35mm over a 4.0m height and can project up to 8.0m on a table length from a height of 5.1m.

By incorporating the ProDirector 6 Laser Projection System to the Birch Table Press we have increased productivity and precision, while decreasing costs and setup times by using laser light patterns as work templates.

The ProDirector 6 uses green laser light, which is four to five times more visible to the human eye than red laser light.

In the past, increasing your production capacity meant adding more floor space, new table systems, and increasing manpower with overtime or hiring additional builders.

The truss projection system reduces the time of training new, seasonal, or temporary labour because an unskilled worker can be trained to place components according to the laser template in a matter of minutes.

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