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Birch EMS Trusscut Saw

The Birch EMS Trusscut Saw is designed to make timber cutting more efficient and is ideal for any medium to high-volume truss building.

Key Features

  • The EMS saw utilises file transfer by network, USB flash drive or by input directly onto the touchscreen, minimising waste.
  • The proven 3 axis CNC saw cuts the timber as the guard is brought down into place to create the truss parts, repeatedly and the operator unloads the finished pieces.

Simple to use; the EMS saw can be used by operators with little or no experience in computers. Timber is loaded by a single operator onto the powered bed and is automatically positioned perfectly, travelling 6m in just 8 seconds.

All the clamp shafts, clamp guide rods and pneumatic cylinder rods are made of stainless steel and the guide bushes are Teflon lined. This eliminates any lubrication or rust problems and renders them maintenance free.

The dust extraction outlets make it easy to connect the EMS Trusscut saw to your existing extraction system; this ensues a healthier, comfortable, and more organised workplace.

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