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ACIES 3000-5 Post Notching Machine

The Acies-3000-5 Post Notching Machine is available in Manual or Automatic configurations depending on your requirements.

Key Features

  • This machine is a continual feed and can produce a fully V-notched post with weather edge and top rebate, if required, roughly every seven seconds.
  • With additional tooling, this machine can also be used to rebate fence posts to accept cross rails.
  • The manual option has an automated interface to allow the operator to set tooling from the encoder feedback onto the panel mounted HMI.
  • The automatic machine is fully automated with servo motors controlling all axis of movement.

The ACIES machine can cut 3 V Notches into timber, as well as a top rebate notch, and a fully adjustable weather edge in one pass, straight onto timber of up to 3000mm in length, and 200mm in height.

This machine allows you to increase capacity, improve safety and speed up your processes.

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