The Timber Trade Journal (TTJ) features the new Auto-Press 5.0

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AV Birch revolutionises truss manufacturing with the ground-breaking Auto-Press 5.0.

TTJ Online is featuring the Auto Press 5.0, shedding light on the incredible benefits our innovative machine is bringing to the truss manufacturing industry. 

"The inception of the Auto-Press 5.0 project can be traced back to a time when AV Birch Ltd was approached by a valued customer seeking to optimise and reduce labour costs within their truss manufacturing organisation.

Chief among the customers’ pain points were the inefficiencies stemming from manual handling, prolonged set-up times, and the high staffing levels required to operate traditional manufacturing lines.

Recognising that these were challenges acting as barriers to productivity and competitiveness, AV Birch Ltd set out to develop a solution that would streamline operations and drive cost savings for its customers and initiated the development of a concept design."