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Providing safe conditions for employees and users of transport systems has always been essential, but access equipment for railways is more important than ever as UK infrastructure investment increases dramatically.

AV Birch has offered access expertise to train franchises for two decades. Platforms, gantries and maintenance equipment has been supplied to depots and station environments across the country.

Rail access walkway platfroms by AV Birch

Projects of all sizes have been supported, with AV Birch’s in-house design team providing solutions that give customers exactly what they need.

Recently, as more people have started to use rail services, and with pressure mounting to find greener travel solutions to combat CO2 emissions, the desire to build new lines and facilities has grown considerably.

Older routes and previously decommissioned buildings and tracks are also coming back in use as planners look to address capacity issues across the network.

The AV Birch Access division is well positioned to lead projects or support others with an in-house fabrication team that keeps tight control over quality and production schedules.

Keeping Britain’s railways safe

The railways involve complex machinery and equipment – along tracks, at stations and in maintenance depots. With electrical overheads becoming the norm, there is more need than ever to keep both rail personnel and the public safe.

This sometimes means creating safe access points, walkways and platforms that enable technicians to reach essential equipment or gantries, and barriers that keep people clear of potentially dangerous areas.

In and around stations it’s particularly important that only authorised personnel can access certain zones.

Different situations demand different solutions, and that includes using the most appropriate materials that means equipment can be used without posing unnecessary risks to users.

AV Birch has an expansive facility in Shropshire to develop, test and build systems that are fit for purpose.

Train manufacturing increasing

One benefit of increased demand for train services is the need for new locomotives and carriages. Although many UK manufacturing operations disappeared in the 1980s and 90s, there has been a resurgence in recent years.

Led by companies such as Siemens and Hitachi, new facilities have opened, and others are planned. Even vehicles bought in from mainland Europe have fuelled demand to establish new maintenance depots in this country.

Great news for the UK’s supply chain and organisations that offer products and services that compliment the railway industry.

AV Birch has enjoyed tremendous success designing and building access structures for many of these sizeable depots. The design team has encountered various challenges, including the need to access vehicles in areas where height is restricted, high-risk zones and in and around maintenance pits.

Alongside this, we have continued to provide access equipment that makes working lives easier and safer.

This includes nose-end platforms, carriage door barriers and flexible modular staging systems. We also design and build crucial lifting equipment to assist maintenance crews with awkward and challenging loads associated with such heavy engineering environments.

A railway partner you can rely on

The railway industry is going through unprecedented change. Passengers demand more, and the government expects rail franchises to live up to customers’ expectations.

AV Birch has evolved its access offering over several decades. We have a great balance of experienced professionals who are forward-thinking and innovative.

If you have an access requirement, whether that’s platforms, gantries, barriers, walkways or lifting equipment, get in touch for a no-obligation chat about how we can support your organisation.

Call our Access Director, David, on 07866 495 827 or email him to start the conversation.