ETS Trusses and Joists


The advancement of specialised timber engineering machinery is a time-intensive process that demands skilled personnel and ample resources. Collaborating with a reputable manufacturing partner not only fosters creativity and innovation, but also contributes to the overall growth of the manufacturing sector.


Creating specialised timber engineering machinery requires a significant investment of time, skilled workforce, and resources. Collaborating with a reputable manufacturing partner not only sparks innovative ideas but also contributes to the advancement of the broader manufacturing sector. 

Building reliable partnerships is crucial for any business - B2B relationships can profoundly and positively impact organisations. In the manufacturing and engineering realms, mutual expertise-sharing facilitates skill development and elevates production equipment to unprecedented levels. 

AV Birch Ltd exemplifies this approach by actively supporting customers in the UK and Europe. One of its ongoing partnerships, particularly close to home, has played a pivotal role in expanding the range of timber machinery offering. 

Shropshire-based Engineering Timber Solutions (ETS) has been supplying engineered timber roof and floor solutions to the construction industry for nearly two decades. With an extensive CAD team converting client requirements into actionable designs, ETS manages an impressive 5-7 working days turnaround. AV Birch Ltd, known for evolving its timber engineering machinery, became a crucial collaborator to enhance production, ensure quality, and prioritise operator safety. 

In addition to providing standard equipment for ETS's daily operations, AV Birch Ltd played a key role in developing bespoke roof truss manufacturing machines tailored to ETS's production schedule. Notably, the work on magnetic pedestals added flexibility to truss setups, ensuring consistent positioning and pressing with fifty-tonnes of downforce. This commitment to quality set ETS apart from its competitors. 

One of the notable developments was the Uni-Roll joist press, featuring a pneumatic clamp to manufacture beams to exact dimensions without pre-assembly of frames. Incorporating cutting-edge laser technology into existing machinery enhanced accuracy and setup times, resulting in a remarkable 20% improvement in production figures 

Chris Williams, Director at E.T.S. Trusses and Joists, sees a number of benefits to working closely with AV Birch.

He said: “Being near to the AV Birch base is a real bonus. It’s good to talk face-to-face, especially when you’re developing new machinery solutions together. Being able to see equipment evolving, make some changes, and discuss options together is perfect. It was also refreshing to work with Scott’s team who were flexible and receptive to our input throughout the design and build process.

At times we thought we had arrived at the perfect solution. Then, someone would suggest further improvements. Within weeks we could test the new idea and decide whether to proceed. We wanted the right machinery to give us increased production capabilities, more quality and consistency, with safety for our employees always a priority. AV Birch gave us all that and more, and at a pace that suited us. The working relationship has worked well for ETS and we now offer our customers more than ever.”

With timber engineering machinery unique to the industry in situ, ETS continues to offer its customers an outstanding service across a range of timber construction products. They are geared up for the future and always ready to embrace new ideas.

For AV Birch, it’s another example of a valued customer and trusted industry partner that makes the most of the skills, resources and innovative ideas on tap at our Shropshire base.