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Exterior and Roof Mounted Walkways

AV Birch Ltd is the go-to supplier when it comes to exterior and roof mounted walkways

Key Features

  • Exterior and roof-mounted walkways can be mounted from walls, fixed through roofing sheets or attached directly to standing seam profiles.
  • Exterior and roof-mounted walkways can be designed to complement the roof material or colour, and can work in connection with man safe lines to reduce the sight line visible from ground level.

AV Birch Ltd designs, manufactures and installs external walkways for a range of applications and requirements including:

  • Suspended walkways
  • Wall mounted walkways
  • Track mounted gantries
  • On standing seam roofs
  • On Kingspan roofs
  • Internal plant access
  • Escape walkways


See our range of exterior and roof-mounted walkways here

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