Rail Jacks

AV Birch Ltd has the capacity, experience, and capability to undertake a detailed inspection and refurbishment of carriage lifting jacks.

AV Birch Ltd has the capability, expertise, and competence to conduct thorough inspections and refurbishments of carriage lifting jacks. Our portfolio includes projects involving the revitalisation of older British Rail jack designs, which have been in use for over 40 years, ensuring compliance with current LOLER regulations and PUWER requirements for safe controls. 

In these situations, we conduct meticulous inspections of jack components in a stripped condition to evaluate their safety. We manufacture replacement parts and upgrade elements to align with current legislation, as necessary. The control system undergoes a complete replacement, with the old amp meter display being substituted with a synchronised control system, facilitating secure multi-car lifts. 

We have produced numerous stand reaction brackets for lifting vehicles and have expertise in designing, manufacturing, and testing specialised reaction brackets for the integration of existing jacks with new fleets. We have also broken some ground by replacing adjustable anvils on vehicle lifting jacks, allowing for a lower starting lift point and providing greater flexibility to the involved depots. 
Service, Breakdown & Refurbishment of Rail Jacks

With extensive experience working with Mechan, Pfaff, Sefac, Matterson, Husky, and more, AV Birch Ltd offers a range of services: 

Service/Service Contracts: We currently service jacks throughout the UK and Ireland, deploying mechanical and electrical engineers for servicing at 3, 6, and 12-month intervals. 

Breakdown: Our engineers can swiftly attend sites within a minimum of four hours, depending on the location. They are adept at diagnosing electrical and mechanical breakdowns and can order necessary parts on-site. 

Synchronise: AV Birch Ltd can take existing jacks and design/install an up-to-date Synchronise Package, allowing jacks to lift multiple car sets safely. 
Refurbishment: We have the facility to strip and refurbish all types of jacks ranging from 5 to 50 tonnes. If parts are not readily available, we can manufacture new ones and conduct load testing on-site at AV Access. 

Reaction Brackets: AV Access is proficient in designing and manufacturing Reaction Brackets to meet customer requirements.

We supply Anvils/Standard Reaction Brackets, all of which are manufactured and tested at our Bridgnorth factory. Additionally, we provide associated parts such as nuts and pins to suit. 

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