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Cranes & Lifting Equipment

AV Birch Ltd designs, manufactures, commissions and maintains cranes of all sizes and capacities, from small davits to large jib & overhead cranes to meet your load and space requirements.

Key Features

Freestanding Cranes 

  • Ideal for many high duty cycle applications, our freestanding cranes
  • The cranes are freestanding SWL 6t with a high duty cycle (M3), wire rope hoists, divorced pendent and they will operate 24/7

Overhead Cranes

  • Easy to use and versatile 
  • Available in gantry cranes, tracked cranes and freestanding cranes

Improvements in safety, productivity, and cost are all possible using overhead cranes to move loads around between workstations. This reduces fork lift journeys and makes it easier to lift heavy items over obstructions quickly and easily.  

We have a dedicated lifting team, with the knowledge and experience to help you specify the right crane for the job.  Whatever industry you are in we can solve your lifting and handling problems.

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