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Carriage Side & Door Access

AV Birch Ltd designs and manufactures a variety of carriage side and door access equipment

Key Features

  • Additional equipment such as tool storage boxes, electrical plugs and socket connectors can be incorporated both at the base for mains connection and at the platform level for use within the carriage.
  • Pneumatic airlines can be installed in much the same way as the electrical connectors. Materials for construction can vary to suit the clients site requirements but mill finished aluminium or painted / galvanised carbon steel are the typical materials.
  • Alternatives such as glass reinforced plastic or fibreglass can also be used.

Most carriage side access platforms are constructed of a simple castor mounted aluminium construction, however there are a wide variety of options available.

Single or double access stairways have heights to suit either floor mounted or raised rail roads. The length of platforms can easily be tailored to fit the width of a door or the length of side windows, enabling damaged windows to be replaced.

When roads have a specific function within the depot, alternative designs are often used, and these platforms can be mounted on simple rail wheels that tie the unit to the specific road.

Access steps provide an extremely cost-effective way of providing quick and simple access to the carriage.

Carriage and side door access solutions

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