Truss Lifting System Takes the Strain

Ever-increasing truss sizes makes loading and unloading a real headache for truss manufacturers. Taking staff from other tasks to manhandle the trusses from the truss press was not only inconveniently interrupting production, but also a workforce health and safety issue. It was time for a rethink.

A call to AV Birch who have supplied other equipment into the business has resulted in the specification, build and commissioning of a twin-monorail crane. The new lifting system consists of two goalpost supporting frames with raker legs and two main runway beams. Each beam has an electric chain hoist operated from a divorced pendant.

The 500kg SWL rated crane covers the truss press area and can be operated by two people. The installation and commissioning of the system was completed over two days by a team from AV Birch.

Keith Hickman, Sales Engineer for AV Birch Lifting and Handling: ‘The lifting system has clearly addressed the needs of this manufacturer and has been instrumental in improving safe working practices on site. We are now looking at rolling out similar systems across other sites for this customer.’

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