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Taking on additional personnel or increasing shift times doesn’t always increase output in a cost effective way. Timber Engineering machinery solutions boost production and increase profits.

AV Birch has over forty years of experience developing machinery solutions for industrial and manufacturing customers across the UK and mainland Europe.

We have skilled divisions that contribute to different stages of each timber engineering project to ensure that every order is completed on time and on budget.

Here’s a brief look at some of the machines we offer:

Uni-roll machines for beams

Joist and beam technology has evolved in recent years. A single timber beam is no longer enough for most construction firms. To help other trades complete new-builds and refurbishments quicker, the need for open-web joists has grown quickly.

Metal web beams have superb load-bearing qualities, great span, plus they are easy to install. Crucially, other pipework and services can be added quickly. This reduces labour time and project costs.

The surge in demand for open-web beams has challenged many timber frame manufacturers. Setting out wooden beams, aligning metal plates and hammering fittings in place to exacting standards is not easy. It’s labour-intensive.

That’s why we enhanced an already outstanding system and created the Uni-Roll 750. We believe it’s the fastest method of manufacturing open web beams in a single workstation. The powerful mechanical clamping ensures that beams are manufactured to exact dimensions, plus no pre-assembly of frames is required.

Open-web beams are produced quickly, efficiently and safely. Production can be scaled as required, producing up to 150m of finished product per hour.

Space saving Magna-Truss press

It’s not always skilled, additional labour that is in short supply. For many growing timber product manufacturers factory space is at a premium. With no room to expand and install new machinery, the ability to increase production is hampered.

The AV Birch Magna-Truss press system enables speedy fabrication of roof trusses without the need for bulky, fixed machines. We developed the system for customers with space in mind.

The Magna-Loc pedestals and Jib can be stored away to provide a spacious working area when the truss press is not being used.

We have also made other aspects of the system easy to operate. The moveable electrical hoist winch delivers a consistent pressing action and is easy to manoeuvre. It also lets team members remove completed trusses from the pedestals and load them straight onto truss trolleys – upright, ready for delivery to customers.

Cutting equipment to support manufacturing

Some timber product manufacturers buy in pre-cut timber; others cut onsite as they need supplies for specific customer jobs. The latter means to you need specialist machinery to deliver precision-cut items, fit for purpose and cost effective.

The AV Birch EMS saw is easy to operate, efficient in operation and produces little waste. We are the sole UK, European and African agents for the sales and service of these machines. It uses file transfer via a network connection or by USB flash drive. It can also be operated by direct user input via the touchscreen.

With a powered bed, CNC saw and safety guard, the EMS saw can be controlled by one operator. Quality stainless steel parts eliminate the need for lubrication, making them largely maintenance free.

Like other AV Birch Timber Engineering machinery, the saw adds real value to any small to medium sized business.

Bespoke systems for your manufacturing business

The AV Birch offering is not limited to a few machines. We’re constantly evolving designs, adapting machinery to suit specific environments and adding new functionality.

Some of our systems now come with laser guidance to add further consistency and accuracy to the timber products being produced. This frees up operators to progress other tasks.

Whether it’s pressing, cutting, drilling or stamping, we can support requirements from our base in Shropshire. All works are done in-house, from the design process to fabrication, assembly and delivery to customers’ depots.

How can we help your timber product business?

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