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The AV Birch standard roof truss table press is anything but standard. Designed and built with flexibility in mind, its easy operation offers genuine production advantages for timber product manufacturers.

Don’t take our word for it, but we reckon that AV Birch presses are the most versatile on the market today. We have many customers who tell us that, and seeing machinery producing timber products year after year at their sites is testament to that.

Those customers have faith in us. From initial order, delivery and installation, to ongoing support and servicing to ensure production opportunities are maximised.

Based on years of experience, our in-house design teams have fine-tuned what we offer to ensure that our truss presses deliver outstanding results for our customers.

AV Birch has over 40 years’ experience supporting organisations needing timber engineering solutions. That makes us a market leader, a resource you can trust and a partner that can give your business the flexible manufacturing options it needs to grow.

A truss press designed for your business

We know that every business is different, so we never try to sell off-the-shelf machines and equipment. If one of our truss presses isn’t right for your facility, we will tell you.

Space is always an issue for manufacturers. You might have new stocks and material delivered. You might need a temporary training area. That all puts pressure on existing work areas.

That’s why we design and build press tables with your business in mind.

For starters, the table length can be created to suit any size of factory. Longer tables, for example, can be used for storage of timber and plates to reduce the handling time between pressing. When that storage isn’t needed, additional product pressing can be completed.

Our tables are built with plywood and steel plates at the heavily used ceiling tie area. Even the width of tables can be varied, putting you in control when you talk to us about requirements.

Your team in control

AV Birch timber engineering machines are built with the operators in mind. Intuitive and easy controls are soon mastered. Fast set-up times means that jobs are progressed quickly and efficiently.

There are adjustable production speeds for any configuration of truss to ensure that your factory enjoys maximum productivity whatever the mix of truss shapes and order quantities required.

Of course, twin head pressing gets work finished quicker, safer and with a consistent level of quality for you customers. After all, your reputation is hard-earned and important to you.

Work with industry experts

If you need up-to-date information and advice about truss presses get in touch. Whether it’s investment in new equipment or additional production options with some of the outstanding used AV Birch machinery that we also supply.

We bring vast industry knowledge to every project, whatever the size. We listen to customers and then guide them through the process – from concept to design phase, through the fabrication and testing, on-site installation and ongoing maintenance.

If you’d like to work with an access partner that develops and maintains long-term business relationships, get in touch to discuss the best truss pressing machinery for your organisation.

Call us on 01746 714418 or email enq@avbirchengineering.co.uk