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Six Way Lifting Solution Proves a Perfect Fit

The unique layout of a workspace created the opportunity to design and manufacture a unique glass handling solution from AV Lifting & Handling.

Taking glass panels from racks to tables via an overhead crane that would not block a shutter door and loading bay was the challenge for AV Lifting and Handling Sales Engineer, Keith Hickman.  “Creating systems to manoeuvre these glass panels safely and with minimum effort is something we have done many times, but the location of the loading bay and the path of the glass meant that we had to add an extra dimension to our design.’

20161005_151214The crane was designed and manufactured to travel up an incline.  The rails follow the pitch of the roof and the crane travels up the incline, leaving the shutter door clear, even though the headroom was extremely limited.

The lifting system can now move a glass panel from the rack to the work area in one lift using 6 way powered movement: Up, Down, Left, Right, Forwards and Backwards.  The control systems were also designed and built in house by the AV Automation team making this truly a one-stop solution.

The uprights and rails of the gantry are placed so as to maximise the available floor area for the customer, but offer the range they need to work the glass.  This particular crane is rated and certified at 250kg safe working load.

AV Lifting and Handling are part of the Midlands based AV Birch group, and specialise in design, development and manufacture of Lifting and Handling solutions for all applications. The other divisions include automation and robotics, access, walkways and gantries.

For more information, please contact Keith Hickman on 01746 714 418 or email keith@avbirch.co.uk

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