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Robot and PLC Cloud Control

Debugging, Monitoring & reprogramming  on site has often been carried out by relaying instructions to in-house staff, emailing photos, videos or logs between support staff and technicians on in many cases an on-site visit. AV Birch Automation can cut through the fog and reduce downtime by utilising the latest cloud-based technology to connect directly to on-site equipment.

Our engineers can now connect robots, PLC’s, HMI’s and other networkable devices to a secure, cloud based server which allows access to change configuration, tweak settings, fault diagnose and data collection.  The system is firewall friendly, so should not interfere with your existing IT infrastructure.  Connection is via a VPN tunnel, encrypted for security and access is carefully controlled.

We can only see machines configured for remote access, there is complete segregation of traffic from your corporate network.  Likewise, people within your organisation will not have network access to any machinery.

The benefits are huge.  Worldwide access.  Specialist authorised programmers and engineers can log in and access securely from any computer, cutting out travel costs and delays.  The customer is in full control at all times. Access can be turned on only when needed and isolated at the flick of switch.  There is also an audit log keeping track of who did what and when.

If you would like a demonstration of the Cloud Control software, of to find out more about the benefits that the system can bring to your operating environment, please call Graham Clark on 01746 714418.

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