Much of 2018 will be remembered for Brexit negotiations and economic uncertainty. AV Birch Engineering remains upbeat, with optimism for 2019 high and sales of timber machinery buoyant.

Investing in complex manufacturing machinery demands confidence in the industries you serve. The result of ongoing negotiations with the European Union has, unfortunately, caused frustration and uncertainty.

For many organisations, especially AV Birch, it’s been a case of getting on with things – despite Brexit. Plans must be made. Whatever emerges from trade negotiations, businesses will expand and want to export around Europe and beyond.

In fact, on a number of occasions, enquires about bespoke timber engineering projects have been because of Brexit.

With the threat of reduced labour options, and a need to become more efficient, companies have looked to AV Birch to develop solutions that future proof manufacturing operations.

Engineering solutions for house builders

Take the housing industry. AV Birch supplies a wide range of companies that serve the UK’s home builders. From timber floor joists to roof trusses, we design, build and service machines that improve efficiencies and help increase profitability.

Scott Heyes, Timber Engineering Director at AV Birch, gives his thoughts on recent trends: “One thing everyone at our Shropshire base has done is maintain positivity. That’s been key to our continued expansion.

“The country has a need for new housing, so we know there’s a market for timber products – and therefore demand for machinery that can help boost the production of those products.

“The media haven’t helped. There’s too much negativity and a tendency to look on the down side. We’re different, and so are many of our customers.

“Many of the UK housebuilders are flat out. They can’t put things on hold. They need timber products and we’re seeing that reflected in the machinery we sell to the firms that produce the roof trusses and joists.

“In the last month, two laser systems have been ordered for a customer in Ireland, two Uni-Rolls and a Magna-Truss press system for the UK market. There are many reasons to be positive.”

Timber engineering for evolving products

Tastes, fashions and ideas change, and that’s true in the construction industry. To address issues faced by electricians and plumbers, housebuilders have responded with innovative new products.

The arrival of open web floor joists some years back has revolutionised how piping, cables and ducting is installed. It gives great flexibility and saves time.

AV Birch Timber Engineering division has kept pace with these changes and continues to work with manufacturers who supply these joists to home builders. They have automated their processes.

The latest AV Birch design, the Uni Roll 750, is helping to keep many of these firms ahead of the competition, as Scott explains: “The Uni Roll 750s are amongst the fastest solutions on the market. They improve efficiency and deliver consistent, precise finished joists.

“If there’s a need to design and develop new machinery to manufacture the building products of today and tomorrow, we’re perfectly positioned to satisfy demand.

“We have in-house teams to help manage every step of the process, ultimately delivering outstanding equipment to customers around the UK and across Europe.

“We’re confident that we’ll be doing this for a long time regardless of the Brexit outcome.”

AV Birch has been providing solutions for manufacturers since 1977. As we enter a brave new world, either in or out of Europe, one thing is certain: we will continue to offer bespoke machinery that delivers benefits to our customers.