A new business supplying the construction industry with high quality, fast-turnaround timber roof trusses, chooses a brace of AV Birch machines. 

The Paragon Timber Engineering management team are well versed in the design and production of trusses, have selected the AV Birch EMS Saw and the Teach & Go Mk2 Automated Truss Press to service builders across South Wales, The Midlands and the South West.

No strangers to the truss making business, Directors Kevin Brake and Ian Ferris are confident that the current confidence level in housebuilding will enable their new venture to prosper. Kevin Brake; ‘We’ve used AV Birch machinery before and we like the versatility and efficiency that it offers as well as the support from the team.’

Located on the A465, the new factory is purposely placed for ease of access to Wales’ fastest growing house building areas of Cardiff, Swansea, Glamorgan and Torfaen, which have seen the highest rates of house building starts in 2017/18.

Ian Ferris; ‘Week one, we are starting with seven employees, and already have orders to fulfil which is pleasing. We are looking to organically grow our business by way of producing a high-quality product as well as offering the highest standards of customer service. It’s vital to us we deliver exactly what the customer needs to suit site schedules, and our business is all about being open, honest and accountable to our customers.’

AV Birch installed and commissioned the EMS Saw which enables the design office to deliver the optimised design files directly onto the control system.  A single operator can load, cut to size and off load the truss parts ready to make the truss.

The Teach & Go Mk2 Truss press has a 22m bed length and can travel at around a meter per second to press in nail plates quickly, effectively and consistently.  Once programmed to position the heads over the plates once, the press can store the pattern and then repeat the operation as quickly as the truss parts can be placed on the jig.  The pairing of the Saw and Press makes for a very effective truss building solution for Paragon.

The automation systems for both machines were developed in-house by the team at AV Birch, and includes remote access via the cloud for management data and program optimisation.

Pic: Kevin Brake, Sean Haren, Ian Ferris of Paragon Timber Engineering.

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