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AV Timber Incising

The Porcupine Partnership incising machines have been developed and tested extensively over several years by the Porcupine Partnership of BSW Timber and AV Birch. This technologically advanced system is an industry game-changer. BSW Timber have conducted years of detailed, patient development and testing into incising. More recently through the partnership with AV Birch, the Porcupine machines have now been perfected to deliver an engineered system that gets the very best out of treated timber.

What is Timber Incising?

Incising is a pre-treatment mechanical process in which bespoke designed blades are inserted into the face and edge of the timber section longitudinally. By passing the sawn timber products through the machine, a consistent pattern of incisions are applied to each face of the product that then provide highways for the preservative chemical to penetrate the product in the following treatment process. The machine feed speed, incision pattern, density and depth can all be varied depending on the target market and product.

Scott Heyes
Timber Engineering

Timber Incising Expertise

Porcupine Timber Incising is state-of-the-art technology to help meet the growing demand for improved durability performance of pressure impregnated timber products such as fence posts, deck joists and garden sleepers.

The Porcupine machines have been developed specifically for processing a variety of European species, particularly Spruce, but have the added advantage of offering a solution to the challenge of getting chemical into heartwood of species such as Pine and Douglas Fir.

AV Birch Timber Incising

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