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AV Automation Delivers Additional Efficiency

In manufacturing, the drive to gain greater efficiencies and reduce costs in addition to improving quality and consistency means constant change.  Using robotics to automate production and packing activities can help, but changes to processes can be challenging.

In a recent project, AV Automation was tasked with taking an existing robot and re-purposing it to meet the new demands of a client in the Midlands

The client, a leading manufacturer for the automotive industry in the West Midlands area, already had an automated solution for removing parts from an injecting moulding machine, but product developments meant that a new system was required.

Following detailed systems analysis, the AV Automation team were able to design and produce new end-of-arm tooling grippers using the clients 3D models while the actual tools were being made in the far east.  To move the parts from the production area, a parts conveyor was added to the new cell layout.

Reprogramming the existing robot & testing the new configuration followed and the new system is now fully operational and delivering consistent, effective results, within the budget. The project took around six weeks.

Mike Parton commented ‘Reusing existing equipment where possible helped to make the whole project very cost effective for the customer, and we are seeing more and more businesses looking to make use of existing assets in this way. We were delighted to help this long-standing deliver their objectives and look forward to a long relationship.’

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