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Investing in new machinery and embracing digital manufacturing techniques can deliver automation, cost savings and better safety for timber product businesses and their staff.

The big question for most organisations is how and when to invest. Improving production efficiencies, increasing quality and making cost savings to improve profitability involve complex decisions.

Sometimes, space is an issue. Existing manufacturing schedules cannot be disrupted while new machinery is installed. There’s also a need to keep existing staff productive instead of releasing them for lengthy periods of training.

AV Birch offers timber engineering solutions that are bespoke, adaptable and intuitive. That means machinery and systems that can work with your business and personnel, grow as you grow, and instil confidence in the people who operate the controls.

Timber truss and beam production made easy

No production operation should be considered easy to establish, maintain and expand, but AV Birch offers decades of engineering experience to give customers every possible advantage.

Latest systems offer features that boost every aspect of production, whether you are manufacturing roof trusses or floor joists and beams.

Take our Magna Truss roof truss manufacturing system. The whole process encourages an easy work flow, with time and space saving functionality built in to all aspects of the system.

The Magna-Loc pedestals can be quickly positioned, moved and operated. Foot controls and no cables keep this machinery safe for employees.

A 27-ton press head is a two-handed operation, with a tool balancer to further promote control and safety for the operators.

Parts and controls are positioned for convenient maintenance and swap-out, giving cost savings and keeping machinery available for manufacturing.

Options to expand capacity

All AV Birch machinery is designed and installed with the future in mind. The Uni-Roll Open Web Floor Beam Press offers an efficient and speedy traverse action, giving production facilities options to vary output as required.

Pre-set jobs and remote control functionality puts the power in operators’ hands, while laser technology boosts set-up times and improves product accuracy.

Ultimately, open-web joists can be produced at up to 150 metres per hour.

As with other systems, the Uni-Roll 750 comes with both pull-chord and push-button safety stop features.

A timber engineering partner you can trust

When you deal with AV Birch you know exactly what to expect. What we say we will deliver, we deliver.

We provide a complete solution, helping your business acquire machinery and technology that makes a real difference to your bottom line.

From concept to installation, including all fabrication work, detailed machining, integration of hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical works, our experienced in-house team controls the process and keeps you in the loop.

If you’d like to discuss a timber engineering machinery project for your business please get in touch. Call Scott Heyes on 01746 714 418 or email enq@avbirchengineering.co.uk for further details about the machinery and equipment we offer.