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The New Year always throws up different challenges, and AV Birch is already looking forward to an exciting 2020 for timber engineering, and the rest of the UK economy.

With such uncertainty because of Brexit it’s great to finally enter a new phase of politics, a fresh era for the country’s economy, and especially for the engineering sector.

AV Birch maintained a positive outlook throughout the protracted negotiations and always looked at ways of engaging with customers, creating quality machinery and equipment, and delivering an outstanding level of service.

The orders kept flowing in late 2019, and it’s no different as we move forward in 2020. Manufacturers need efficient tools and machinery to enjoy cost savings that keep them competitive.

Our extensive expertise, dedication to customer service and undoubted quality continues to serve us well. We believe that maintaining a positive outlook is part of our appeal.

Quality engineering machinery

Something that has always made the UK engineering sector stand out is the quality of the products. That’s definitely true of AV Birch. We don’t compromise. Everything is done in-house so that customers know exactly what to expect when the delivery and installation team arrives with their finished order.

Price will always influence some buying decisions, and we believe that by combining great design with trusted materials and tested fabrication processes, our timber engineering machinery gives durability, efficiencies and longer-term cost benefits.

Buying British means easy contact with the people who will take initial concepts through to completed products. Site visits and changes during the build process are much easier.

Ultimately, the delivery of parts and equipment involves straightforward road miles from the heart of the Midlands, not complex transit via shipping and customs.

Hopefully, discussions with the EU will result in a common-sense outcome that allows companies on both side of the channel to continue working together without barriers.

To date, AV Birch is delighted to report that enquiries from European clients flowed during late 2019, with early 2020 showing no sign of slowing. Great news for business in general.

Timber engineering favourites

One of the most heartening aspects of the job is seeing the product range go from strength to strength, with old favourites remaining popular.

Some machinery is improved, adapted and upgraded year-on-year. That could be to respond to material changes, amendments to legislation or customers asking for something different.

Sometimes it’s hard to improve upon great designs. The original machine delivered what customers asked for, and years later it’s still producing quality timber products for the construction industry.

That’s true of the AV Birch Multi-Head press. It’s ideal for customers looking to achieve high volumes of roof trusses. It’s been a firm favourite and it shows little sign of falling out of favour.

Like all our machinery it’s been well designed, by people who have worked in the industry for years. They understand the business and they listen to customers. The result: customers get the machinery and equipment they need to achieve great results.

The multi-head is versatile, easy to configure and straightforward for its operators. You get fast cycle times and consistent pressing results every time.

AV Birch timber engineering machinery keeps selling because it gives our customers what they need, especially when economic conditions are challenging and they want to work with a manufacturer they can trust.

If we can help your business, in the UK or mainland Europe, get in touch.

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