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Accessing machinery and equipment affects most employees within industrial settings. We design and fabricate access equipment that enables staff to complete work safely and efficiently.

The days of maintenance and installation teams working at height hanging precariously off ladders are long gone. Well, they should be. Nobody should have to perform work where it puts their safety at risk.

AV Birch works across industries designing, developing and building complex machinery for all industrial settings. We see first hand the risks involved for the personnel who work with and alongside such technology.

That’s why we have divisions that address lifting and handling, and also the ability to create tools, platforms and gantries to safely access and maintain those and other machines.

An engineering firm with pedigree

For more than a decade we have worked with large and small organisations to supply access equipment that does the job and meets all legal requirements.

Sometimes, you need that back-catalogue of clients to be amongst the biggest and most respected names in the country – if not worldwide. We’re proud to have supported many such organisations.

For us, successful access projects have been delivered for London Underground, Bombardier, Hitachi, British Airways and Gulfstream.

We have provided interior and exterior walkways, guarded platforms, access steps, maintenance pit bridges, train, plane and wagon platforms… whatever the requirement.

Access all areas, for all industries

Something we guarantee is getting the job done in-house. We offer a complete solution. In fact, we help customers meet those practical ‘real world’ needs for their production setting, whilst always ensuring that equipment complies with the necessary regulations and laws.

AV Birch boasts a considerable on-site manufacturing facility. That means that we complete projects from start to finish, using our own talented teams here in Shropshire.

We have the capacity to stock vast amounts of raw materials, and our skilled teams have the knowledge and machinery to fabricate even the most challenging and complicated designs.

The result: customers get fast and accurate products, fabricated by us and never re-badged work that has been undertaken by subcontractors or secondary suppliers.

We do this for rail and aviation, plus many other commercial and industrial settings that benefit from bespoke walkways, platforms and gantries that exist alongside other equipment to assist day-to-day operations.

Partnerships, not one-off jobs

AV Birch has handled a vast range of access requirements over many years. Experience matters, especially where safety at work is involved.

We extend that industry knowledge to every project, sitting down with customers from concept to design phase, then through fabrication, installation and ongoing maintenance.

If you’d like to work with an access partner that develops and maintains long-term business relationships, get in touch to discuss how we can make access and daily maintenance tasks safe and efficient for your organisation.

Call us on 01746 714418 or email enq@avbirchengineering.co.uk